Changing The Routine And Learn New Things

Certainly, there will be a lot of things going on when you quit smoking. Certain routine might change and taste of foods. On the other hand, there will be an added attitude that you want to nurture while on the early stage of the process, and that is keeping yourself aware and resilient over the cravings that will occur.

Keeping track of progress is a valuable thing, and to observe how many cravings occur on a daily basis. Also, observing when is the time the craving to smoke occur, and the things done when it occurs can be helpful. Knowing all these factors will make it easy to formulate counter measures to divert the cravings to something else. Typically, each cravings last around 3 to 5 minutes, 2 to 3 time a day.

Once these things are taken into account, plan something ahead in order to divert attention when these cravings occur. For instance, smoking during break is a long time habit. In order to distract or avoid of doing this, replace smoking routine by taking few minutes of walk with a friend. Of course, picking someone to be with is another vital factor. You do not want to be with someone who is a smoker, or else you will end up tempted and go with the crave.

Another thing that is effective of distracting your cravings is to browse the internet, have fun and join quit smoking forums. Reading and conditioning the brain to learn more quit smoking tips and benefits can be of substantial help, most of the time. This makes forgetting smoking overtime a lot easier.

Keeping Busy

This is another noteworthy aspect to consider while in the early process of quitting smoking. Most people smoke during idle time. Keeping yourself busy can divert the attention to craving.

Think and list all the things you want to do. Plan on doing these things, so that you won't be having a long idle time. This may not be difficult for an outgoing person, but for a person who is not used to being active physically, this can be tough start.

Suggestions that you can take on to divert craving attention;

  • Engage and be active physically. Join sports club or go out with people who are active in sports. This allows the body active also conditions the brain to divert the attention of craving to smoke.
  • Engage in home improvement projects. Do the things you want that you have never done in the past. This not only keeps you busy, diverting craving to smoke, but bring functionality and elegance to your home.
  • Enroll in a gym and have a regular workout.
  • Plan a healthy diet, and choose foods which help stop the smoke cravings.

Be a volunteer. Joining a non-profit group doing for a cause is a fantastic way to keep busy while doing nifty things to the community. Perhaps, you can join a quit smoking support group who help people quitting smoking. It is proven that, teaching your experiences to people will do a self-encouragement and able to learn others experience that might help in your situation.

These are only some of the things that a quitter can engage to divert cravings. You may be have some better plans. Consult the entire family about helpful and stimulating activities. A vacation or perhaps going for an outdoor activity can be both exciting and helpful. Additionally, this helps one face the challenges and effects of quitting easily.

Never stop finding things that help you forget smoking entirely. The more you do it, the more your brain ignores the cravings. In time, when you have your next medical checkup, you will be surprise how your body recovers quickly and equal those who do not smoke.