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Hi folks, I am Michael Vasquez, a former smoker and now a non-smoker for 5 years to date. There is no better feeling I experience at this time compare back when I was smoking. Started smoking at 16 years old for a few sticks per day, and eventually was able to became a pack-a-day smoker.

Starting smoking was pretty easy. In my case, it was due to curiosity and influenced by friends, plus my father was a smoker, until he died at the age of 52 years old. We are not exactly sure what the disease called he was suffering, but the doctor said it was related to smoking, plus he was an alcoholic as well.

Possibly, the smoking and alcoholism damaged the lungs. During the medication, the doctor say, about the size of the fist is only the working part of his lungs.

Since that time, I was trying to quit, but it was challenging. The good news is, my family and the people around me are supportive of my endeavors of quitting. Probably, majority of the people supports a No Smoking environment, even smokers want to quit. However, the challenge is immense, especially during the first weeks and throughout the first 3 months. The urges to smoke is so intense.

I have relapses, too, but it was not an absolute hindrance for me to become a success in quitting. I tried and tried, and tried...until, finally, one day... 5 years ago, I was able to throw my last cigarette.

The benefits of quitting successfully are tremendous. It gives more energy and healthy feeling. Be able to easily walk and run every morning as part of the daily exercise routine is easy. Teeth are not yellowish anymore, and the skin looks more youthful.

What method I use to quit smoking entirely? I tried cold turkey, but it was really difficult. Therefore, I opt for the gradual quitting along with the quit smoking product in spray form. The combination work well for me. However, others or you who is reading this might prefer a different combination of methods. Explore the articles in this blog to determine which method suites your personal preference, which will let you quit smoking, successfully.

Finally, before starting the process of quitting, develop your own plan. In my case, I establish my own quit smoking timeline and work towards fulfilling the goal of how to quit smoking.

Best Regards and To Your Success Quitting Smoking,
Michael Vasquez
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For suggestions and questions, I can be reach at the contact details above.

P.S. - Watch this video below how the can benefit from quitting smoking.


RX = an abbreviation for the Latin word RECIPE meaning TO TAKE

RX is commonly use in medicine prescription, however RX in this blog means recipe, or a set of tips, advices and ways on how to quit smoking less intense.